Circle of the Seasons

By GCleare


She's an old girl now. Lots of white around the muzzle and all over, limping a little when she first stands up.

The other morning she stumbled going out the back door and her back legs kind of slid down the porch stairs. But then she picked herself up and ambled off toward the chicken coop. A little while later she was running across the field.

She is adorable and wonderful and has always wanted to do whatever it took to make us happy. Goldens are like that, they yearn to please.

We adopted her from a friend who couldn't keep her, when Kadie was about two years old. The day I looked into her eyes and told her she was "my dog now," she looked at me with such love, such happiness.

I said, "Want to come home with me?"

She jumped right into the back of my car and wagged her tail, a big doggy grin on her face. We drove off together, and never looked back.

Tonight she snoozes in front of the wood stove on the best pillow and enjoys her seniority. She is still the alpha of our neighborhood dog-walking pack of ten dogs, really out of courtesy. There are stronger and larger dogs in the group, but they all respect Kadie. She is beautiful and wise.


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