By wingpig

how inconsiderate

Honestly, if it's not dogs then it's horses. Part three in the tunnels series depicts the Colinton Tunnel through which formerly trains and currently bicycles, foot-people and evidently horsemongers may pass in safety and comfort beneath a tiny little road. This marks the beginning of the second-best bit of the upper section of the Water of Leith walkway, the best bit being the bit through Juniper Green until just before the bit before the bypass where some annoying rich buggers have converted a mill into flats and built some houses where the train tracks used to be in an attempt to prevent trains ever running there again. The sneaky buggers have done exactly the same thing with that Cadrona Village nonsense just outside Peebles.

A reasonably productive day for what should have been a day consisting entirely of relaxation. Popped to Ikea in the morning to get some replacement floor then arrange for its delivery when we measured the packets and realised they wouldn't fit in the car. Also picked up a wee pal for Mr Cadbury's parrot seeing as there were still a few left and Easter's still a way away. After fitting replacement brake blocks I popped up to Balerno and back (up the dull way, back the nice way) just to get the next tunnel pic and take advantage of my bike already being quite muddy. The WOL walkway is nice but inconsiderate to people with road bikes.

Couldn't really decide on the best picture of the tunnel to use... went with the above as it had the most visible lights in. After a bit of buggering about with dodging and burning also produced this and that. Although I have now happily decided on the object of my upgradesires I realised that starting off with a single lens will mean that I'll probably have to crop not only my blips but also my Flickr uploads. Hopefully I'll manage to not complain about it...

too much...

Parts 0, 1 and 2

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