What a difference a year makes

Doesn't seem like a year ago that I sat the wee man in his Bumbo chair beside the tree for his 'first christmas' photo. I thought I'd try and re-create the scene, although he certainly doesn't need the Bumbo anymore (I doubt he'd even fit in it), and it was a bit harder to get him to sit still.

Needless to say the wee man was spoiled yet again - all the presents around him (and under the tree, out of view) are his. In addition to all the toys and cuddly bears he got some really nice clothes too, including a really nice duffel jacket from my sister. Although he didn't really understand what christmas was, he seemed to enjoy opening his presents (although we did have to give him a hand with most of them), and loved playing with his new toys once they were unwrapped.

We had actually invited both sets of grandparents over for breakfast so that they could see Aidan opening his presents, which I think only added to the excitement. The morning is when Aidan seems to be at his brightest, so it was good for them to see him getting excited about his toys and walking around the place. He was actually really good all day - after the grandparents left in the morning, we put him down for a nap. We were going round to my aunt and uncle's for christmas dinner, so we woke him up just before leaving and that seemed to do him for the rest of the day.

It's weird thinking that, what with mrs monochrome due number 2 in April, this will be the last christmas just the three of us. Who knows what it will be like next year with an excited two year old and a puzzled 8 month old!

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