The Life of Bri

By bri

Shampoo and Set?

Nevis had his Christmas bath tonight.

He hate hate hate hates the bath.

As soon as he hears the shower in the downstairs bathroom come on, he starts to skulk around, looking for somewhere to hide. Then when we deposit him in the bath he sits and 'humphs' with a very resigned expression on his face till the ordeal is over. At least he doesn't struggle any more - it used to be a bath for all 3 of us.

Then afterwards, there is the dreaded brush and blowdry. More attempts to hide under the bed. More pathetic and pleading looks.

He makes such a fuss about the whole thing (and usually keeps himself pretty clean) that we hardly ever bother to do it. But we're off to Ireland tomorrow to meet all the niblings, so he has to smell sweet.

Sadly there were no free hands to take a photo during the bathing process. But I see he wasn't the only one to get a bath tonight.

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