all fall down

With both parcels to fambly safely received and one outstanding package picked up from the sorting office and a nice day of walking all around town several times resulting in completion of purchase of Nickypresents... I feel almost a little festive-ish. Very relaxed, anyway. I can't say I was particularly stressed at the thought of a day spent wandering around the shops though... it;s a day spent wandering around the shops, not a day spent shopping. I do sort of wish that that shops had made a bit more of an effort to have some stock in, especially after whining about internet sales denting their takings; now that it's past the point of last-minute-mail-order people have to go to physicalshops but will merely walk away gain lightly more harrassed than when they entered.

Monday should be fun; I think I'll pop down the town centre again just ot observe.

No falafel but some nice food from Magda after the sparse but fantastically-photographed The Assassination of Jesse James played by Bradley Pitt by the Coward Robert Ford played by Ben Affleck's Little Brother Casey which is worth seeing purely for the lighting and tones.

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