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By fashioncici

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I am fond of collection high-heel, I think every female likes it. High-heel can show female?s beauty, let us become elegant and sexy.

The background of this image uses three different color, green and orange are warm tone, pink is cool tone, usually we don't use this two tone together because they don't suit for each other. But this image does it and shows all of things that are now popular.

The designer likes to use contrast hue, such as red and purple, grey and orange; the geometric figure also is an important element, using the leather or other materials to create some simple shapes that can make the style of shoes more changeable.

Nowadays, high-heel is developed quickly and different with before, more of designers focus on the heel, so the heel is not just pyramid or cube, it can looks like a girl, a sphere or a sculpture, and you never guess what it is next time.

The highlight of this shoe is the heel and color, the color let the simple style become lively. They add another part on the heel let it become special.

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