how are the mighty

Purely by chance...

Nicky's recent flat-cleanings have resulted in either all the bottle-tops for the plastic bottles we have being thrown out or the bottles for the bottle-tops we still have being thrown out. I think it's the former as a bottle whose top I have recently seen can still be found whereas the top is gone. Anyway, it meant that I had to buy a bottle of water on my afternoon street-ramble which happened to be from the McColl's on Hanover Street.

They had Mini-Eggs in stock.

I think that qualifies as christmas coming early.

Unfortunately Nicky was unable to enjoy the packet I managed to avoid eating long enough to bring home as she has some kind of chesty cough thing she probably picked up from an evil colleague whose croaks on Thursday were evidently still laden with beastly lurgey. In these sorts of situations she usually just worsens things for herself by staying inside slumped on the sofa all wrapped-up with the windows closed and with the heating on so high that it gives me a headache instead of going out and getting some nice cool fresh air and disease-resisting exercise. Still, she has at least slathered some Vick on her pipes and drunk lots of water before going to sleep. I feel I should open the window in here to at least get some fresh air in for her to breathe when she repeats the slump-on-the-sofa process tomorrow but I'm slightly concerned that I'll forget about it and leave it open when I go out tomorrow morning which will result in the radiators being turned up again and even worse air tomorrow evening. HMMM.

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