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By Mrok

The inspection

For a new car there is defined that is has to be inspected 3 years after the date of purchase and then after 2 years and afterwards annually. In Finland that is.

So today was the day we were taking our car to its last inspection before the event becomes annual. Our car is bought 2006 and it has been driven almost 115000km during the period and the last 25000km has been driven after the last service, so still 5000km to go before the next pitstop with long-life oils. And the reason for me to think that there might be something small there..

But alas, no. Not a single warning or marking to the inspection report. Well the emission test was failed 1st time but it was normal for the diesel engines at these temperatures they said as it was -21 degrees out there. After a small period of more pedal and charging the engine and the dust particles out of the pipes everything was green.

So pleasent surprise in a way. I guess our son U thought the same way when the inspection officer gave him a car shaped reflector ;)

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