Baggie Trousers

By SkaBaggie

Give 'Em The Boot

Busy twenty-four hours. We've had a flying visit from Ross McFear, which necessitated an old-fashioned evening of sitting down in the basement with as much wine and beer as we could muster. Tomorrow, the rest of the old gang will be back in town for New Year, which is sure to be a blast.

In the midst of all this, my housemate Kish has found the time to acquire a brand new pair of 10-hole DMs. I personally reckon it's time for me to shave his head, get him some braces and lend him my extensive collection of ska and reggae records. It's fair to say that he hasn't warmed to the plan just yet, but I'm confident that with a bit of persuasion and the help of a number of old Trojan boxsets, he'll be doing the moonstomp faster than you can say "Desmond Dekker is the king".

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