By Adda

the last ride of the decade

the last ride of the was a working day for us today but I decided to take the day off - for no particular reason...and since it was a day off a morning ride was customary...I initially planned to do a quick 50km ride in the morning as I was expecting friends over for breakfast...but the sunflower fields came into the way of the plans...the speed and mode in which we move changes the way we see the world...had I been in a car, I am sure I would've missed these fields by the roadside...they were tucked away safely behind a boundary wall, almost out of the vision of the commuters...we decided to the ride short and spend more time in the fields...I couldn't have asked for a better end of the year and the decade that has been eventful and adventurous in many ways...riding, photography, travel, adventure trips - the past few years have been more about taking pleasure in little things have been more important than materialist achievements - a clear sign of priorities being right in life...hope the the year to come is filled with good photography, travel and riding, of course.

Wishing you all a glorious new year - as glorious as the sunflowers :)


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