horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Hogmanay Knight

Ah, visual punnery FTW.

Never really been that bothered about Hogmanay. Growing up Christmas was the biggie, Hogmanay was a tag-on. Nowadays I can't be bothered with bars too busy to get a drink, or going far from home so requiring an exorbitant or difficult-to-get-hold-of taxi to get back. Old before my time perhaps? Whatever, I like a quiet night, with a few drinks, and a sense of optimism in comfortable surroundings.

I'll go out for a drink on a night when prices haven't been artificially increased and I don't have to queue for 30 minutes to get to a toilet... See also reasons I don't buy flowers on Valentines (i.e. a romantic sod the rest of the year who sends flowers on a whim with a note reading 'just cos' rather than needing to be told to be so by marketing men)...

All that said, I've got plans for 2011, and I hope it works out just the way everyone else wants it as well (unless that conflicts with what I want, naturally).

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