Uncle Mike

A strange thing happened yesterday. I took the boys to the park to break the monotonous 'sitting in front of the tv' no plan plan, and, as is my custom, lost one of the kids. After an appropriate amount of time I started to retrace my steps shouting for Gulliver. (for it was he who was lost) I could hear him shouting some way off and when I finally got there I found him with my Aunt and uncle who, although they only live 20 minutes away from me, haven't actually met Gulliver for 5 years. Consequently they didn't recognise each other and were all equally surprised to find they were related.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, we decided to get together again this afternoon. The boys were thrilled to get some extra relatives and I really loved visiting the house that held so many of my childhood memories, and heard the boys great uncle Mike play some grade 'A' jazz piano.

News years resolution to not be so scared of having time off.

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