Framer's Intent...

By Scrybe

RIP Pete Postlethwaite

Okay, so the blip is spurious and badly taken. But I left it until it went dark and the D40X is capable of little better than this in such conditions. (Note to self: you really do want a new camera so go and buy the bleedin' thing)

But today the world got a little less interesting as the news broke that the phenomenally brilliant character actor Pete Postlethwaite had passed away.

I was unfortunate in missing his performance (by all accounts an amazing one, too) of King Lear at the Everyman Theatre a few years ago. I'd booked the tickets months in advance, yet ended up in hospital with a serious kidney problem, so I got ESAU instead of Everyman. As a brief aside, I seem to be jinxed with that play. It's one of my favourites, and I saw a dreadful version at Theatre Clywd where the lightning went badly wrong, then missed Ian McKellan's performance when my father passed away, and then missed Pete's performance as I was in hospital.

Anyway, Pete, you will be missed.

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