Baggie Trousers

By SkaBaggie

In Retrospect: Walk Unafraid

Continuing our staff party by progressing from Bowland Bar up to County. In keeping with the fancy dress theme, Jonny (left) is in a penguin costume, and Andy (right) is in his sex offender outfit. They're both in a reasonably advanced state of drunkenness, while I'm relatively sober as I have to be at work in the morning; I'm sticking by them because they both have a tendency to get up to mischief after a few pints.

At his leaving bash in May, Jonny will end up drinking the best part of a bottle of Jagermeister, and he'll decide it's a good idea to stand up on a barstool, drop his trousers and underpants, and start singing Queen's We Are The Champions naked from the waist down. This unforgettable performance gets cut short when he loses his balance, topples off the stool, whacks his head off the bar on his way down, and winds up unconscious on the floor, still half-naked. After receiving medical attention he's okay, although the rest of us will never be able to listen to Queen in the same way ever again.

Tonight Jonny's fairly restrained, and limits himself to merely running around County Bar yelling "EAT MY SHIT, EAT MY SHIT" at a deafening volume. Later on he lies on the floor and pretends to be a seashell. Meanwhile, Andy necks another three pints and then starts offering sweets to undergraduates on the bus home.

Just your average staff night out.

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