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Wheat-free Mmmmm

Making use of another Christmas present (thanks again S & C!)

Third attempt at different recipes, and definitely the best yet - this is 100% spelt flour. Unfortunately the recipe recommends just making the dough in the bread-maker and then baking in the oven - but that doesn't add too much hassle to the process.

Texture pretty good on this one, but still quite wholemealy - anyone know anyone who does a 'whiter' spelt flour? (This is a Dove farm one, and still seems to have quite a lot of bran in it)

Have already tried Dove Farm gluten-free bread flour recipe - not bad, but because it contains lots of extras like egg, sugar and fat it comes out almost cakey rather than bready.

Also tried a half and half Spelt and Rye flour - good flavour, but very dense!

Anyone got any other suggestions for a good wheat-free bread recipe? Just looking for a simple bread that Mrs B can use for a nice bacon sandwich - not fancy breads (yet!).

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