A scattering of snow

Finally succumbed to the lurgy that everyone got as a wee extra christmas present. All our visitors came down with it as soon as they got home and our lot did the domino effect and fell one by one over the last week. For a while I thought I might actually escape but it caught me last night when I woke to find myself with a raging fever and shivering enough to think it was an earthquake.

Unfortunately we had to go to town for a meeting with the accountant. Fortunately I didn't have to drive and could take some pictures out of the window, so at least I got a vaguely interesting blip for the day.

Even better we got a gold star from the accountant. No issues, no stupidity, no enormous debt hanging over us, everything added up and we managed to keep our heads above water. Mind you we'll not be making any millions in the near future either... but we might manage enough for another packet of paracetamol and some lucozade.

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