a town called E.

By Eej

Tuesday January 6th 1948

Only two-and-a-half years after the war, life was still tough. Groceries and other supplies were scarce and mostly available through ration-stamps. There were very few jobs, there was no money. People were trying to come to terms with 5 years of occupation, with neighbours not coming back from the camps, with collaborators and traitors.

But in the heart of what is known as "de Bollenstreek" (the bulb-area), two young people were excited to start their life together as a couple: the sweet and lovely Jo, and the handsome Gerard.

They swapped their ration-stamps to be able to get butter and flour for a wedding cake. And a dress. And they got married on January 6th of 1948. The day of Driekoningen (Epiphany), in the Netherlands.

They started their journey miles away from where Jo had grown up and she missed her family, her home. Gerard worked long hours to support them, so she didn't see him a lot. She was lonely, but then ...

... their first daughter was born.
And their second.
And a son!
And another daughter.
And another one.
And another!

And then, after 9 years of thinking 6 is plenty, a 7th child was born. A 6th daughter. Me :)

Happy 63rd Anniversary, Papa & Mama.
I wish you could be celebrating today together.

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