Through my lens, Willis

By Willis

No Strings Attached or Not

This is a substitute photo as the moderators believe that I may be in violation of the copyrighted material clause. If anyone would like to see the original image you may click: No Strings Attached.

Ashton Kutcher maybe be good but he's not Superman.

Good Thursday everyone


Caution Tech Stuff:

Working on only one cup of coffee this morning I past this movie poster and thought, time for number 2.

I shot the poster which is actually several pieces of cardboard while resting my camera on top of a candy counter. Took a few tries but I got what I wanted.

Back home I laid down a sheet and shot myself. In Photoshop using the magnetic lasso tool I removed the sheet. I laid myself into the composite shrinking and rotating me to get it looking just right. In the layers palette a "new group from layers" was added so I could add an extra mask for myself. This would let me remove myself from Natalie's and Ashton's body so I looked like I was behind them. Add in a little shadow around myself and soften some of my edges. Pull a couple of different crops for different uses and it's done.

This was fun and I hate to say it but fairly easy to make. Enjoy my friends...

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