Plus ça change...

By SooB

Fly past

Warm day today, so lots of work done outside - pruning, clipping, trimming, weeding. I know that since we're moving soon I don't really need to do that, but it was a good day for it and produced lots of dry debris suitable for lining the kids' dens (which took up a good part of the rest of the day!

Standing out on the terrace trying to decide what to take a photo of, I spotted this fella sitting in a tree. He obligingly waited for me to get the right lens* on before flying off, right by me. I'm guessing it's a buzzard. Obviously when I looked in the bird book the only one that seemed a perfect match only lives in the Middle East, so probably not that one then. We do see eagles flying overhead, but the only raptors I've seen in or around the garden are buzzards.

Mr B is setting off from Scotland today in the car. He's been slightly delayed by losing some documents, but he'll be here tomorrow/Sunday. (You know how it is: you photocopy some documents, put them down *somewhere* and then they've just gone. I think it's our age.)

*Obviously, I mean of the lenses I have. I'm increasingly getting irritated with the 18-200mm. Any shots outside of 50-100mm are really soft.

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