New Dawn #12

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There's also a year's worth of timelapse in this video.

Seems like not time at all since I was freezing the proverbials off taking the first shot in this sequence, and today I was back doing the same a year on and now in the same year our new college campus is set to open.

I think the combination of weather and the festive break over the past month may have set the workies back a bit here and there's only subtle signs of progress in the last four weeks. It doesn't look quite watertight (or snowtight) yet as it was supposed to be by now, and as I type this now, that blanket of grey cloud up above has had the snow falling lightly but steadily for around the past two hours; welcome back my old friend, it's been... no time at all.

Of course, the main change between this shot and last month's is the shocking petrol price hike. I haven't visited a petrol station to fill up since around the 20th December and the little orange light on the petrol gauge popped on with immaculate timing as I drove down to take this picture today...

Petrol Price update: Shockeroony! from last month's 116.9p per litre for unleaded, we're now being held to ransom and the highway robbers are now looking for a whopping 124.9p for the same (it was 109.9 in the first shot last February). Actually, I did see one nearby garage demanding 129.9 for this on the day after the VAT increase. It was a BP garage in fact so it looks like they're chancing their arm to help pay off the huge fines imposed by the US after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The cheek of it, eh?

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