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By sgwarnog

Spiked Turf

I'm playing with the low winter sun again today - which I think has brought to life another otherwise mundane feature.

The snow and thaw over the recent weeks had led to even more waterlogging than usual on the moor, and that bit of it which is the Baildon Golf Club course. The groundstaff have been out spiking the fairways, and this has led to a landscape of micro-tussocks which echoes the more natural state of the moor around, or a series of regularly placed divots.

This picture was taken only about twenty yards from yesterday's, which shows how much variety you can get in a small space. Repeat visitors to this blog might recognise the sentinel tree tucked away in the top left of the picture, at the foot of the high moor.

When I reach fifty blips I intend to create a Google Map of all my blips to date, which will reveal how tightly clustered they are. I normally travel with work quite a bit, but since I started this blog I haven't left Bradford District - and nearly all pictures have come from either Baildon Moor, the city centre, or the university campus. I think I have one or two trips coming up, so I'll be able to introduce a bit of geographical variety.

spiked turf ~ cheesegrater pattern ~ rough fairway

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