By wingpig

the knees of the city

Couldn't go for a proper walk at lunchtime today as I had to visit the bank so no daylight photographs for me. A little bit of fresh air was enough to make the afternoon go slightly more quickly than the morning; there are only eight people in from our department of thirtish so the time dragged somewhat this morning.
Attempted to get some reflections on the way home but was dissatisfied at them. There was a nicely-lit mishmash of wires beneath the mind-control unit which seemed too complex for the power and communicative needs of a mere digibox, television and router. I know there are a couple of spare coaxials wafting about somewhere during the decorative upheaval but I think the wires are up to something. They'll have to try quite hard to trip me up as I'm already tip-toeing about carefully to avoid all the exposed spikiness protruding from the nasty floorboards. Via the magic of STEAM all the wallpaper has now been removed exposing a couple of mildly spongy bits of plaster either side of the window and some nice gentlepeople from Ikea delivered all the floor this morning and even apparently took it up the stairs rather than dumping it (as regulations apparently require according to the bloke on the delivery desk) in the specially-cleaned-out stairwell cupboard on the ground floor, saving me a job when I got home. Used the extra time to read a bit more of Asimov's New Guide to Science (which has hidden unread behind a box since I found it in an Oxfam shop in June and which only emerged due to the current furnishing-upheaval which is handy as every other unread book is sensibly stuck in a box in a cupboard) which is a little bit like Bill Bryson's Short History of Nearly Everything but slightly more in-depth.

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