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Are you local?

Edward: You people are all alike, You march in here, young! try and touch the local things. I suppose next you'll be spraying me with one of those cans of paint, smearing poor Tubbs here with excrement.

So today, I got my lovely new trainers delivered so now I can walk around without the wet getting in through the holes. New trainers are brown and pink. Kind of tartan pattern and the pink is a dusky sort of pink. They are very pretty, and without holes in the soles. I especially like the without holes in soles feature.

After such joy, I really had to go out and take trainers on a test drive, so I went off to see a few bits that I've not visited since moving to Crombie. I went to Crombie point where there was sand and water and not a person to be found. The houses were also so cute! They all have names. I wish my house had a name. Maybe I'll name it, any suggestions?

I also managed to venture to a proper butchers. John E White, traditional butcher. His shop is in Main Street in Limekilns. They have no website, so I won't link to it here, but above is his shop. He said to phone him and he'll make me burgers if I want them (they do awesome chicken burgers, but they don't make them regularly) then I can go pick them up whenever! fabulous. Don't get that in a Supermarket do you? I got me and husband some Beef and Tomato Sausages, and some chicken fillets suffed with pork and herb sausages. Sausage and chicken? really..who could want more than that! They also so Venison and Sweet Chilli Burgers, but I was too scared to try. What's even better is that they wear those coats that are blue and white and stripey and look like dressing gowns. It was nice :)

So, am now home and really should be getting on with this final degree essay, but my parents will be around any second as it's Oma's 83rd Birthday and we must go eat cake! My parents are also making me tea since Mark doesn't finish till 7.30pm and will be coming straight to Oma's.

It's actually quite a good Monday today I think.

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