a town called E.

By Eej


It seems talk of our delicious suet cakes is doing the rounds in the woodpecker community, so this chirpy downy came up to sample the goods. And sample again.
And again.
And again. Greedy li'l thing.

I need to find a spot closer to the feeder, or put the feeder closer to my lair (= the backyard porch) because after cropping there was not a whole lot left of this photo. Still, the Beloved said that this was Blip-to-be and I'm an obedient wife *cough*HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!*cough* so I complied.

Work was ... well, work.
I'm so upset about recent events in Arizona that I'm choosing not to say anything about it because it will make me explode.

Snow is still abundant and the newspaper is plainly lying when they say winter is flying by. Not here, it isn't.

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