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Sick Monster

Baby is not well. Over the last few days he has been developing a cough which now has developed so much that it will occasionally bring on a vomit. This started last night so we are all a bit fractured today

He went to the doctors today who says he has a virus. Apparently a lot of nippers round here have it. So the Calpol is out and raring to go.

So this afternoon, whilst Wife and Baby tried to rest, Toddler and I popped to Halfords, Homebase, PC World and Toys r us.

I was once given a great bit of advice from another Dad, which was on a rainy day never underestimate the fun that a child can have in B&Q. In his words "You can spend hours just on the light switch section alone"

Today it was raining so we headed to the retail park. I actually had to buy a couple of dry bike bags from Halfords and pick up some paperwork from Homebase as the mattress we bought from them a couple of years ago may be the cause of my back problems. I did not have to buy the Crumpler camera case from PC World but it was a very, very good price and I do love a good crumpler, I even married one once.

After this purchase we went to Toys R Us as I promised toddler we could go there and play on stuff. She enjoyed driving a fire engine but was not too pleased when she fell over getting on a motor bike. However she was soon pleased to be wandering round with a dolly in a buggy for the rest of the trip. For some reason she was intent on finding Rory the Race Car, but when I found these toys she was not interested. On the way out I saw why, she meant the Rory you can sit in, that moves when Daddy puts money in it, which I did and it did, though I doubt it could have completed a lap of any racetrack in that time.

As any parent would understand these things are never fulfilling (probably as they last all of about 30 seconds) enough for a toddler, so, as expected it ended up with Toddler being carried out of the shop over my shoulder crying, with me ranting about how its a disgrace these machines are at the exits just to cause these types of situation.

Then home for a tiny bit of telly and attempts to cheer up baby with a blip before dinner.

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