No Drama Here

By Laffingnomi

A Goldfinch domestic

ensued shortly after this photograph was taken...the bird on the left had been joined by the one on the right and didn't seem too happy about it so they had a row and flew off ! You can follow it here.

INFO: Was browsing the App Store earlier and on the 29th and 30th of January the RSPB are doing a Big Garden Bird Watch, basically if you can spare an hour to log all the birds you see in your garden (park etc) and and submit them to the RSPB they can compile a snapshot of the bird population (over 500,00 people participated last year) and results will be published in March. You can download the App FREE from the App store-and it's in HD!- which makes logging the birds and submitting really easy. (I intend to do it).

NEWS: I might be getting on a 'Digital Camera for Beginners' course next week....yippee!!!!

and finally can I thank everyone sincerely for stopping by yesterday and commenting, your words were great comfort. Thank you.

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