The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM

A diet curry

Dinner. Made by Ally as I was ranting on the phone to customer services, of a very reputable dissapointingly bad, "store Partnership".

Poor wee Curlyfries had a huge dissapointment today. We were down in the Westerly smoke and ordered and paid for his long awaited D3100. Imagine my wroth when an email winged it's way ahead of me homeward.It advised me that the order for the one online, was cancelled as the one D3100 order could not be fulfilled.

I since calmed down, then exploded as I reread the barely readable linguistic skills of the Customer service adviser's email again.

Apparently I had not been the vouchers I used as part payment.......what was that then? The £40 cashback from Nikon expires on 31st January and they can't get any in till 1st Feb!!!!!!

And breath.

I will now be shopping with a South American online company for said D3100 and he will receive it in 2 days for the price of £9 extra and he can get the £40 back.

On a better note, the interview at Strathclyde university seemed to have gone pretty well and we await, "An offer" join the unconditional one he already has.

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