Susie'sLittle London Life

By susieb

You know you're a blip-addict when.....

... you spend all day at work wondering how you're going to manage another indoor, late night blip (might be hard)

... and then pondering whether or not someone will think it strange to see a doctor crouching down in hospital corridors with a digital SLR instead

... decide that's silly (might get told off), go with plan A

... until you realise, when driving home, that picturesque London Bridge is approaching, do an abrupt U-turn (hoping the police in front haven't noticed) and optimistically take a photo of the night-scene, without tripod.

... that fails, but, undeterred, you still, tripod-less, try a light trails picture, until your friend rings, and, thoroughly embarrassed at your random-ness you decide to call it a night before someone alerts the aforementioned police.

Does this (vaguely) describe you, too? Please tell me I'm not alone in this awful affliction ;)

Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful comments over the last week or 2, I'm not sure I deserve them! But thanks for being so generous! I've been a bit busy again but I'll comment soon on your journals I promise (Have enjoyed peering at them all on my i-phone but connection too poor to do any more than just look). Hope you've all had lovely weekends.

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