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New feature: widgets, badges and buttons

If you're one of the many Blippers who run another blog or website, we think you'll love what we have for you today. Click over to the redesigned 'Extras' page, where you'll find two brand new goodies...

First off, listed under 'Extending Blipfoto' you'll see 'Blipfoto Widgets', which lets you build a fully customised panel to display your latest entry, or a grid of up to 25 of your most recent Blipfoto entries on any page which lets you edit HTML. Set the colours, size and position then, when you're happy with your design, click the 'finish' button for chunk of code. (If you're on Blogger, it's even simpler - just click the 'add to Blogger' button after you've clicked 'finish'.)

If you'd like to see a widget in action, click here for one we prepared earlier.

Secondly, listed under 'Downloads' you'll find 'Badges and buttons'. Click on this to access a library of official Blipfoto icons, badges and buttons you can use to link back to your Blipfoto journal. Download anything that takes your fancy, or click 'code' for a snippet you can paste into your HTML.

We'd like the collection of badges and buttons to grow, so if you have a special request for another size, shape or format, please drop support a line. If we think it's something others might use too, we'll work it up for you and add it to the library.

Do leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments, and when you've widgetised, buttoned and badged-up your website, give us a link so we can take a look!

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