By dogwithnobrain

I've got some love and I long to share it ...

The last Christmas Present.

The source of much Yowling and Squealing as I arrived home tonight, and the source of much worry for me and her dad.

Shoe shopping is not a good experience with the Tooli. Last time we bought Volleyball shoes. 4 pairs were bought. 2 were sold on, and I got one pair... and she was finally happy with the last pair.

This pair, as you can see are "bespoke". If these weren't just right..... Oh My Heaven's there would be trouble at Mill.

Thick school socks were ripped off, paper was ripped out, feet were put in, velcro was pulled tight.

And the smile on her face said it all!

This is the place that she got them from. You take the basic shoe, and the choose your own colours, and personalisatioN!

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