By mollyblobs

Cob swan

This magnificent cob swan has taken to standing on the path between the Rowing Lake and the backwater. I'm not sure whether he's hoping for hand-outs of bread or whether he just likes to intimidate passing dogs. Actually, he's not too aggressive, and our dogs aren't at all bothered by swans, having grown up walking next to the river.

He's one of the few swans now remaining in the area. Over fifty swans were present on the Rowing Lake during winter, but most have now dispersed, just leaving the regular residents. There are usually about three or four swan nests on the route of my regular walk, and I enjoy watching their progress over the course of the year.

This was the first photograph I took today, and although it's no perhaps as sharp as some of my other swan pictures,I liked the soft bluish background provided by the water. I also took a much closer picture of a female hazelflower,which can be seen here.

It was noticeably colder today, with an early frost, but the birds were still very active, including a great many long-tailed tits. I also spotted a pair of robins in the garden,one of whom seemed to be picking up leaves and flying off with them - although I would have thought it was a bit early to be starting to build a nest!

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