The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm


Took a walk through the nature reserve that comes out at Chaveywell this afternoon. I think I have blipped scenes from this vantage point before, or close by. I liked the light today. It was quite cold, but there was blue in the sky and some sunshine. This is a section of the disused canal that comes to an end just west of this point, and there are sometimes mallard and moorhens on it. If you are wondering what the view is like facing the other way, you can see from the alternative view below.

Today I was shooting with possibly my favourite lens, my 12-24mm ultra-wide-angle (the equivalent of 18-36mm in 35mm terms so fairly closely replicates the angles I used to get with my Tokina 19-35mm lens on my SLR). It is too wide to use as an all-purpose lens but offers a fabulous widescreen vista and I use it disproportionately.

Tomorrow I hope to get to Marwell Zoo to take my 300th blip, if the weather is favourable. If it isn't I may have to stay silent and back-blip whatever I take tomorrow, unless a different opportunity unexpectedly arises. I may have to back-blip anyway if I return late with a large number of images to plough through.

Lens: Pentax 12-24mm

View To The East

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