All that is beautiful

By sharob

Dreams ...

I must have been under the age of 2 as I was still in my cot, fast asleep. I woke up and the lightbulb was the first thing I saw. I focused on it for a while and then turned over to cuddle my blanket and get back to sleep. Out the corner of my eye, something moved. I looked, the lightbulb had moved slightly, I watched it and it stayed put. I turned away and when I looked up again, it had moved, it was edging closer and closer to my cot. I was curious, and very frightened at this thing moving by itself. I knew I couldn't shout as my parents would just tell me to be quiet - they couldn't possibly understand my baby babble anyway. I hid under my blanket for a while and when I peeked out, the lightbulb was moving down the wall. Again I hid and peeked again, I screamed with terror as the lightbulb was right by my head.

And I woke up.

I must have been under the age of 2 and I remember that dream as though I dreamed it yesterday. And, I am still absolutely scared of lightbulbs. If I move into a house (except this one, as there are more lights) the first job is to cover up the bare lightbulbs with lampshades. Otherwise, they distract me and catch my attention, as though they're looking at me. I feel very uncomfortable in a room with a 'naked' bulb.

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