live and love your life

By Chocolatelover

1 year!

ooo yeaaaahhhh....
i made it i made it!
and i upload it on time.. uuu yeaaahh...


1 year eh? how time flies.. especially when working on the sweet thesis..

Thank you to Joe and team..

Thank you to all for the sweet comments, for the support and for the friendship..
terima kasih banget yaaa - thank you so much..
and especially to the anonymous for the super lovely gift :)
i do like to make new friends and friendship from Indonesia and around the world, although my english is still poor..he he.. :D

oke..i'm back to work, my sweet thesis is waiting me.. the deadline is getting closer closer and closer.. really how time flies.. blaahh...

PS. i just backblipped for yesterday and yesterday

PPS. i may back to edit the description, i can't write a long description now, aahhh the sweet thesis is calling me now..

PPPS . all i have today is only this photo, so i call this as an emergency blip.

PPPPS . i will leave you with some links, hope you enjoy, The waterfall, being a journalistic , beautiful ladies , kecak dance , high jump, the eye and many more :)

PPPPPS . have a wonderful weekend! enjoy!


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