helping you whine and sniff more easily


What would be really nice is some sort of device which pipes cool, humid air through the snout and relieves the nasty gakky dry-yet-lumpy feeling at the back of my throat. Walking around outside (though away from too much traffic-gas) has much the same effect but it's not really possible to do so whilst sleeping and working. I expect it would be possible to work with some form of vapourifying mask in place (anbd would also excugse bme fromb habing to anbswer the phombe or sngeak to mpeople) though sleeping wearing such a thing might be risky. One might wake up inflated to thrice one's normal size about the sinuses. It would probably be too noisy to sleep through anyway though a constant gurgle might be quite soothing like the trickle of a pretty little mountain stream. Or a coffee percolator.

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