Busy old day and the new (to me) car came into its own. J9 was submitting for a new exhibition so a large ceramic representation of the Genital warts virus, a corrupted dolls house and a rocking chair for her studio all went in the back.

Then we brought back a junk shop find of a lovely original lloyd loom basket chair (label still on) and this which is one of j9s first life drawings from years ago, in a charity shop frame (she is re using the frame).

Then back home took the middle seat out and fitted the old shower door, frame & base in. Headed off to the Local Green Recycling Centre... used to be called a tip when I was a nipper but now you can feel positively virtuous throwing old shit away.

Anyway the car may not be the previous two, souped up Celica and saab turbo convertible, but i must be getting old... I look at the huge mpg and vast boot and feel a (admittedly milder) version of the arousal that speed used to bring...

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