granny's footsteps

Mostly due to a fear of clothes which interfere with my neck I've never really been into hoods; I got my first hoodie only last year and that was only because I saw a brown one and had recently cut my hair off which made the theoretical wearing of an hood possible. I much prefer an hat for the purposes of maintaning full ear-capabilities and not having to turn the head in a manner reminiscent of an owl or Michael Keaton in order to be able to safely cross the road. Parkas might be all very well in the Antarctic where being able to breathe is seen as being dangerously uncovered but it must surely be far too stuffy and uncomfortable to warrant having the hood fully zipped-up on a relatively warm though dampish day like today?

Also slightly worrying was the slight urge to creep up behind him, grab the hood and hold the spout-end shut which was the standard manner of behaviour exhibited towards anyone wearing a zipped-up Parka at primary school. Still, this gentleman's heavily-muffled perception of the outside world meant that I was probably being excessively stealthy by waiting for a car to pass to mask the camera's noises.

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