Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

Now How Did That Get There?

"I have drunk, and seen the spider."

- William Shakespeare

I was going to put up a photo for the weekly challenge ("tired" this week), but hadn't uploaded it yet. Then, sitting watching Bad Universe on TV I saw a flicker of movement on my daughter's chair in front of me. I figured it was light from the television - until a bunch of little spindly legs came creepiting* up over the back of the chair. "Oh. Now how did you get in here - given that every door and window has fly screens. Huh." <grabs camera>

So herewith a little arachnid. Simply writing about its little legs creepiting up the chair back is leading me to feel a spider going up my neck. ;-)

*it is so a word, if I say so. And I do. The way the legs came creepiting was exACTly how the facehuggers move in the Alien movies. Not really nice. :-p

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