Ready and Willing

Doesn't happen very often. Someone coming up to you in the street and asking to get their picture taken.

Silverback and I had just bumped into StevieFish and a colleague in the middle of Princes Street when when a smartly dressed man approached and asked young SB if he would mind taking a few snaps of him on his phone.

No problem! So as I watched out for any approaching buses SB fired off a few shots on both the phones and his own camera.

A real pleasure to meet you Abel, and quite refreshing to meet someone who knows just how powerful photographs can be in recording not just people and places but also the memories behind the images.

After this I put my camera away for the rest of our walk and my visit to the bank, that I forgot about yesterday.

This evening Mrs T and I went to our local Photographic Society. We'd never been before, but I was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome we got. Not at all snooty, which was my biggest fear. I think we may go back.

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