The fool on the hill

By mooncoin


Wiltshire as a county is varied and wide
With places to visit like the Marlborough Downs
Where folk often go to the hills to hang glide
Then afterwards get drunk in the small pretty towns

There are other attractions - besides hills and ale
For instance there are the rivers Avon and Biss
Where gentlefolk pop for a fish or a sail
Then afterwards retire to a pub and get pissed

There's also the well renowned art of the field
Where the aliens (read farmers) act queer
They draw pretty patterns in the straw whilst concealed
And then have a good giggle and drink loads of beer

But the oddest of hobbies as far as I know
Is the one where they eat lots of prime Wiltshire pork
Then they all skip to Swindon (where else would they go?)
And have a good fart accompanying tunes sung by Bjork

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