only a bargain if you need it

I really really hope he was there to take the SALE SALE SALE signs down. The wheel is almost dismantled, the lights are mostly off and all clothing should be returned to normal prices if indeed it was at anything other than normal price anyway and wasn't just labelled with a big label with the normal price on in abnormally large red letters to make people buy more of it. Take this gentleman: about to buy something completely unsuitable just because it's on sale. Poor fool.

Maybe the assistant was adjusting the mannequinn's trousers to the correct waistband-beneath-the-gluteal-apex position favoured by today's fashionable morons for whom appearing modish is more important than being able to walk and being able to keep things in the pockets without the extra weight causing the trousers to completely fall down.

I didn't understand teenage fashion when I was a teenage so I'm sure as evolution not going to start trying to understand it now. Although the nineties' fashion for baggy and bepocketed cargo-breeks quickly degenerated into useless trousers wide enough for an elephant's leg it did mean that there was a brief moment when the majority of high street fashion emporia were selling practical and comfortable clothing. I can't see that happening again any time soon unless cleft-grabbing trousers with a bodyrise half the height required suddenly become vital for surviving in a world awash with rising sea levels. Maybe they're easier to swim in.

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