The Pensioner

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Here's to Us etc etc

A rare social evening with blippers: Messrs Smith, Red and Instography came to imbibe at the Pensioner's gaff after pie and chips at Berts (you think I was going to offer them food?). So, we settled down for a blind tasting of Aberfeldy 20 year old. And Aberfeldy 21 year old. But we didn't know which was which presumably because we'd got blind drunk. And we had some of Instography's cider and of course some Deuchars made its way to the table. Then a round of the famous Kilchoman Inaugural release was called for which had to be followed by a dram of Linkwood 15 year old. I think that was it. And the chat never stopped flowing either. Gawd knows about what - two of them are very down on football. Instography most bizarrely held forth that it's fascist whereas, as every schoolboy and girl knows, it's simply balletic, so it is.
Afterwards I played some Robert Gordon and Link Wray and danced in my slippers in an extravagant manner. That's usually a sign that I'm well past my bedtime.

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