The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM

Tinkle fingers Banana

After yesterday's nonsense I arrived home.

I recovered, but unfortunately "Oor Andy" (Murray), didn't. He will do it eventually, but not quite yet. Keep your chins up Andy.

A surprise visit from, The Banana (Anna) and her M+D.
She entertained us by singing "All" the verses of, "Ye Cannie shove yer Grannie aff a bus". 2 I didn't know, ( suspect they have been added by her school teacher for the Xmas concert).
Played with her Mum's phone and her virtual kitten.
And played us a wee tune.

Her first concert may be some time off, but she is certainly doing well. She may even be able to teach her Dad "Chopstix" before long.
Mr.L, we await this with interest.

They are about to plunge down the slopes at Whistler and they didn't appreciate me saying," Break a leg" as they left........for some reason.

Have a great time guys.

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