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Buoyed Up

As I feared, Andy didn't come up with the goods. Poor old Andy - there he is on the cover of every Sunday paper. The Sunday Herald even had a pull out poster of him. No pressure there, then!
I remember my son being a decent footballer at the age of thirteen - an ever present player, sometimes 'man of the match' in a good side that got promoted at the end of the season. But when the crunch came - in a cup game, or in a top of the league encounter, he disappeared - you'd see him away across the pitch, pulling his face and studying his ankle, or slowing down and holding his stomach. I blame his father. Oops that's me. Anyway, I blame Murray's mither, the torn faced old boot. Actually I knew he was doomed when he sent best wishes to Hibernian before some cup game a couple of years back. He's a goddam Hibbee!!! (his Grandad actually played for them, mind).
Later down to play on the boat - we've now got wi-fi in the yard and new mooring buoys. Why come home?

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