Dust and haze

The rubber grips on the handle-bar don't have the prominent grooves they once did. Neither do the tires. I'm ignoring trails for a little bit, but I'm sure I'll get dragged in. Unless I was imagining, the clear grey sky did seem to have a hint of blue today.

But when the day began, it looked like the image on the left. It was shot in monochrome and left to its devices. This is how mornings look these days. The one on the right was shot when the day ended.

Had some time between things at work and was reading about an author I'm reading. The writing has wit, flair and great compassion for the characters. Some of whom are mild variations of a stereotypical theme. Of course there are ones amid them that shine. Obsessiveness characterizes the writing and painting in broad strokes can often have a direct emotional appeal. Awakens the old habits. Enjoyable as it is for the time being, it will fuel a need for detail and a bit more equanimity. And in that its role cannot be overemphasized.

Enabled large.

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