a day in the life of Jack

By jacksmom726


Today, I was trying to capture a shot of the birds outside, when this cardinal flew in to get some food from the pile I put out on the patio table.

The sparrow that was eating at the time was not about to let that happen. I snapped the picture quickly, and unfortunately chopped off part of the cardinal and the lighting is terrible. Of course, I had no idea the sparrow would react this way...so I wasn't prepared for it. But I did like the action, and I decided to use this as my photo for today!

I'm off to school today with Jack to help out in his class. I normally do it on Tuesdays, but I have my spinal procedure tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to get there okay...yes, another 9 inches of snow expected tomorrow, and then ice and snow on Wednesday. They say that the ice should form an inch layer on top of the snow, likely causing many tree limbs and power lines falling. How many more week until Spring?????

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