Beth Wester Ross

By bethceol

Between 2 poles

Today has been a beautiful, frosty, clear day, and Bob and I took Dimairt on one of the newly charted Loch na h-Oidhche walks. Now...... when Bob said to me that these were newly done, I actually thought that there would be the chance of a path. However, what he actually meant was that the Gairloch Estate had positioned poles in the heather/bog every 100 yards or so, to keep you right.

Not the same thing at all.

I am SO unfit, and the middle section of this walk had me dreaming of a mountain rescue. However, after much stumbling, swearing, moaning and bad tempered swipes with the walking poles, I did manage to complete it.

This photo shows what Dimairt spent most of the walk doing - trying to keep the 2 of his friends together. If Bob went ahead, as here, Dimairt kept running between the 2, trying to herd us up.

More than once, I envied him his 4 fit legs.

I am now completely knucked and fackered.

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