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By JohnS

Preserving America

"Preserving America since 1884".
What bits have been preserved for 127 years! Are they worse for it or better.
I know, I know. They are actually talking about preserving produce such as apples. Those were the days before refrigeration was common (or even existed) and so preserving was the only way to have that produce out of season. Now with refrigeration and air freight we can have most things any time. Yet we probably eat less healthily than in 1884.
So are we better off with more to choose from. We probably are but research shows this paradox of choice - we get more anxious and less decisive when we have more to choose from. I am not suggesting less choice but given that we are faced with it, we need to learn coping mechanisms. This could be a topic for another blip sometime.
Happy choosing everyone.

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