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By oddlife

Parallel Universe

Today, Mark and I visited a house along the same road from us. It's for sale and my parents are looking at it.

We went in, and weird. It's exactly the same layout as our house, but all different inside. Now, I'm not saying our house is perfect, but this house is a meeeeeess! Super grotty carpets, really old wiring, there has been a leak and the floor boards are all bowed and soggy.

It was kind of cool though, cause they have the old cast iron fireplaces fully showing the front where as we have ours boarded up just now. That won't be for long! Plus, that house will be lovely when it's done up.

Also had a nosey at the old chaps shed. So sad. Some old tools, a deckchair, some rusty old paint and a mucky old window.

I did have a picture from inside the shed earlier, but have decided on this instead. Got a valentines pressie through the post for Mark...and this was the normal cardboard box. So true.

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