The Poss

By PossMan

New old book

Came today. King James Bible with original 1611 text. Published to celebrate 400th anniversary. Not a facsimile as the publishers decided the original black-letter (gothic) text would be too off-putting for modern readers (I'm sure they were right). So I believe the font is an 18th century font. We English readers often refer to it as the authorized version but this usage only crept in around the early 1800s. Normally when we buy a King James (or AV) bible the text dates from the mid-1700s. The changes often go well beyond the minor spelling quirks (i-j and u-v etc). I was also intrigued to read (how could I have missed it) that the psalms in the Book of Common Prayer (in my early days the focal point of Anglican liturgy) use the older Coverdale translation. Why? Was it a better translation? And a recent news story brought to light the fact that copyright in the King James Bible is vested in each reigning monarch on his/her accession.

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